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Laura Rodriguez Corredor

Co-presenter of Lucía Berenice Rickard at
Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference

Co-director of Innova Marketing Digital, Argentina

I am Laura Rodríguez, I'm 23 years old and I am from Colombia but currently I live and study
in Argentina. My university carrer is Social Communication from the National University of Córdoba.
I am a Community Manager and Social Media Manager at Innova Marketing Digital our
agency. I'd studied advertising in Colombia and I love creativity and design In addition, I work in internal communication helping brands to position themselves on social networks.

Session: How social networks develop in Latin America?

Digital Marketing from a Latin American perspective.

The times of the pandemic have affected all countries in different ways, but above all the third world countries that due to this unusual situation were forced to insert themselves into the digital world, social networks and digital marketing. We tell you how this process was from our experience as a Digital Marketing Agency and how the general population became more interested in transferring their businesses from the physical to the digital world.

Learning outcomes:

  • To know the functions of social networks
  • How social networks increased their use in Argentina
  • The pre-pandemic ignorance of digital marketing

Additional information and Video & Social Media Marketing International Conferences programme – here

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