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Shangkari Manokaram

Speaker at Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference

Founder & Ceo of MRITS Resources, Malaysia

“We Are the Creators, Design It Your Way” – Sha Manokaram

Shangkari Manokaram @ Sha is an entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of MRITS Resources – a platform for multiple services including Digital Business and E-Commerce Franchising. Professionally she is a Health Wellness Program coach & Education E-Commerce Franchiser changing people’s perspective about health, life and success. She is a coach and influencer in building personal development for small business owners including the one running fully on digital format. Trained as a pharmacy engineer & corporate leader, she has 10 years’ experience in corporate industry, people management and customer experience. She started from nothing, just like a commoner but today, she is standing in front to inspire many to be in the success journey!

Session: Self-Development (Motivation)

My Dream is Non-Negotiable

Talk 1 – My Dream is Non-Negotiable

  • Personal Experience – from Commoner to an Influencer
  • Challenge Changed My Journey
  • Defied the Odds
  • Mind-set of an Entrepreneur – even for a beginner

Additional information and programme of Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference – here

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