• Photo of Jessica Irwin

    Jessica Irwin

    Assistant Director at The Center For Digital Antiquity, USA Jessica Irwin is an archaeologist who has spent the past decade…

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  • Photo of Gratian Mihailescu

    Gratian Mihailescu

    Founder of UrbanizeHub, Romania Grațian has a national and international experience of over 10 years in the field of development,…

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  • Photo of Ashish Manandhar

    Ashish Manandhar

    GIS Developer at Chiva Chaitya Organization, Nepal I am a Telecommunications Engineer with strong skills in Geographic Information Systems (GIS),…

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  • Photo of Sue Ellson

    Sue Ellson

    Founder and Director of 120 Ways Publishing, Australia Sue Ellson is an Independent LinkedIn Specialist and Career Development Practitioner providing…

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  • Photo of Paolo Kernahan

    Paolo Kernahan

    Video marketing coach at No Fuss Video, Trinidad and Tobago Paolo and Narrisa share decades in media spanning print, radio…

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  • Photo of Siddhartha Dash

    Siddhartha Dash

    VP – Growth & Innovation at DailyRounds, India I am empowering Healthcare professionals to learn anytime, anywhere & practice evidence-based…

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  • Photo of Marta Denkiewicz

    Marta Denkiewicz

    UX Consultant at Panacea Digital, United Kingdom Marta Denkiewicz is a UX design consultant and researcher specialising in digital health…

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  • Photo of Natalya Garshina

    Natalya Garshina

    Rusconsult, Russian Federation Natalya Garshina is the Consultant on Organizational Development and the HR director at Rusconsult company, Russia. Natalia…

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  • Photo of Yi Yuan

    Yi Yuan

    Producer at Hiverlab Pte Ltd, Singapore Trained in Public Policy and Technology Entrepreneurship, Yuan Yi is a full time entrepreneur…

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  • Photo of Bohumil Pokstefl

    Bohumil Pokstefl

    CEO of Kontentino, Slovakia Bohumil studied innovation and operation management in Copenhagen and worked as a marketing consultant for West…

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  • Photo of Martin Paršin

    Martin Paršin

    Partner & Strategist at Nobel Digital oÜ, Estonia As a Digital Lead & Partner of Nobel Digital Martin Parsin has…

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  • Photo of Ilija Brajkovic

    Ilija Brajkovic

    CEO of, Croatia CEO at Kontra digital agency . I have 10 years of experience with digital marketing…

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  • Photo of Ali Khursheed Ahmad, PhD

    Ali Khursheed Ahmad, PhD

    Head of Performance, Training & Talent at FHG Business Group, Saudi Arabia I’m an experienced Human Resource Leader passionate about…

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  • Photo of Valentina Tanzillo

    Valentina Tanzillo

    Social media consultant & Brand strategist, Freelance, Italy I am a social media consultant, brand strategist and keynote speaker with…

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  • Photo of Eva Štraser

    Eva Štraser

    CEO/Founder of EVEGREEN, Slovenia Eva Štraser is from October 2018 Managing Director at start up Evegreen, specialized in working with…

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  • Photo of Max Mirho

    Max Mirho

    Host and Founder of EntrepreNerd, USA I host a live show every week called EntrepreNerd, where we build a new…

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  • Photo of Alina Boyte

    Alina Boyte

    Founder and CEO of Alina Boyte LLC, USA Alina Boyte is a full-time law professor specializing in intellectual property law…

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  • Photo of Fernando Xavier Arteaga Pozo

    Fernando Xavier Arteaga Pozo

    Cultural Manager, Ecuador Cultural Manager, specialized in the operation of multidisciplinary projects for the expansion of visual arts, museums, Cultural…

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  • Photo of Stephanie Atkinson

    Stephanie Atkinson

    CEO at vMarque, LLC and Compass Intelligence, LLC, USA For 20 years, Stephanie Atkinson, has provided strategic insights, key trends,…

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  • Photo of Mark Osterman

    Mark Osterman

    Digital Experience Manager and Head of Education at Lowe Art Musem | University of Miami, USA Mark Osterman has a…

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