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My secret weapon in scaling up your marketing game

Jolien Demeyer - Founder at Jelloow & Marketing Scaleurs

Demeyer, can you tell our readers more about yourself and your current professional role?

My name is Jolien, a true scaleur (= Scaler + Entrepreneur) and am the founder of several startups:

  •  a company focussing on scaling up companies. We often see that only 6% of the companies scale, and we want to work on the 4 Ss (just like Porter had his 4 Ps)
    • STRATEGY – where do you want to go and are you capable to grow your business
    • SYSTEMS – having the capabilities to handle the growth so do you have the right systems in place
    • SCALEUR MINDSET – having the desire to grow your business. Its about being a scaler & entrepreneur, and understand what scaling is
    • SUCCESS PANNEL – the dashboard where to track your main KPIS and understand your ROMI
  •, a web base cloud-based web application where startups or any growing company can match with qualified marketing agencies to get support for their digital marketing/growth needs.

The platform creates liberty for both startups and digital marketing agencies to do business together on a common platform. Jelloow has been successful to create an eco-system and focuses to generate revenue by subscribed agencies.

How do you balance between your business life and your personal one?

  • Its always a combination of enjoying and working.
  • Love to do the things that give me energy:
    • Set time aside to visit family & friends
    • Reading books
    • Doing sports
    • Learning about the wine, as passioned about wine

Tell us more about your success in the digital marketing and how did you decide to become a professional marketer?

  • Having a growth mindset / a scaleur mindset -> open to new things / learn new things
  • Putting kpis and goals to things you want to achieve and following up on these
  • Rolling up your sleeves, and doing it. Learning first hand. Understanding the obstacles, the challenges. ..
  • Speaking about the topics you like, writing about it (blogs / book) , listening (podcasts, conferences, books …)

In your opinion, why are the brand’s transparency, accessibility and authenticity so important to the customers? How to balance them?

  • In todays world the consumer control the conversation
  • Brand transparency is about building consumers trust
  • Consumers can block out companies that they don’t trust or appreciate.
  • So by focussing on brands transparency, you show your audience that you are worth their time.
  • Tell them who you are, why they should stick with you, show the human side, the emotions, demonstrate your values
  • Its all about the right tone of voice , adapt your messages to the right audience
  • When consumers trust & loyalty is strong, the business will grow
  • You will get a positive review
  • Honesty & authenticity is the best to balance it all

In your opinion, what will be the future major industry changes, related to digital marketing?

  • Content marketing is key , tone of voice & personalization -> right message to the right audience
  • More technology , eg. Advanced chatbots. Chatbots are growing and offering better & helpful solutions to users individual needs
  • Augmented reality becomes the standard -> this toward fitness, where you can put furniture
  • Voice search -> Smart speakers, personal assistants.
  • So much more
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