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Brittany Miller - Social Media Manager and Coach

Can you tell me a little bit more about your background and your work as a freelance social media manager?

I graduated from University with a Management Degree, which included a major in Marketing.

When I started working in corporate, I always seemed to be handed the task of managing the companies social media. I think it was because I was the youngest and newest addition to the marketing team – but I enjoyed it! And it was exciting to see how I could help grow our following while sharing our brand’s message.

After five years in corporate, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled. I always had this dream of traveling the world with my partner, and in January of 2019, that’s what we did. While traveling, I was doing social media management for a few small businesses, and that’s when a lightbulb when off. Maybe this is what I could do full-time!

In October of 2019, I started Brittany Miller Biz – a social media management and consulting agency focused on helping online coaches and professional speakers build their online presence while creating connections with their followers. We do this through the power of storytelling and bringing my client’s unique stories to life. At this time, our focus is primarily on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

In addition, I also offer 1:1 and small group social media coaching where I help teach solopreneurs and small businesses how to create a strategy that supports their business goals and how to use the different social media platforms and features.

If you have any questions about my services, visit my website at or connect with me on Instagram

What is your opinion on quantity vs. quality of content generated by a brand? Would you increase quantity in order to test out different type of content?

I prefer quality content that provides value and builds connection with followers over quantity. However, I do know the importance of being consistent and how that impacts the algorithm. Consistent doesn’t necessarily mean posting every day, though.

I usually use my account first to experiment with content ideas before trying them out for my clients, and I maintain a consistent posting schedule to do this.

One of the most effective ways for personal brands to build their following and presence on social media is by spending time engaging with their followers. This is something that I recommend all of my clients include as part of their social media strategy.

Which social media tools or platform features would you say save you the most time?

There are a few different tools out there, but I will share my top 3! Canva, Facebook Creator Studio, and InShot App.

Canva: A huge time saver for graphics. I use Canva to create carousel posts, quotes, and IG Stories. My biggest time savivng tip for Canva is creating templates for each of my clients in their branded colors and fonts, which speeds up the entire content creation process.

Facebook Creator Studio: To schedule client posts on Facebook and Instagram.

InShot App: Editing client videos for reels. I still find Instagram Reels to be glitchy and have wasted time editing videos only to have the app crash. InShot App has been a huge timesaver when it comes to video editing on my phone.

Where do you get ideas for fresh and trendy content? How would you come up with creative ideas if you are stuck?

Research! I will spend time reading blogs ( or following specific accounts on Instagram for research purposes. I also have folders on Instagram where I save content ideas and come back to these often.

If I am feeling stuck, I will walk away and take a break. Trying to force creativity never works, but taking a break and coming back later when I feel inspired and motivated, that always helps.

What is your opinion on bots and do you believe that in the future, perhaps content creation might be possible by the use of AI? How do you see the future of content creation?

As of now, I don’t believe in bots. They are technically not allowed to be used on the different social media platforms and can flag your account, getting it shut down.

Social media should be about humanizing your brand and building personal connections. You can instantly tell when a business or account has lost that vision and focuses solely on the vanity metrics (follows, likes, etc.) and is using bots.

When it comes to the future of content creation, I think humans will always be needed to spark that initial, creative idea. I don’t think AI can take over that. However, where AI will continue to be helpful is on the side of analytics and understanding what our audience likes/wants to see from us.

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