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Future of On-Demand Healthcare

As a society we have become used to how fast technology is developing

There is a great comfort in having things happen within a very short time

As an example let me tell you about my day

I came to the office by uber because I wanted a luxury transport option immediately in front of my house

I ordered some lettuce and green tea from my phone because I dont have time to go to DCC market

And tonight I feel like having some sushi for dinner, so I will use my phone to order dinner so it reaches my door few seconds after I reach home

This is the social revolution of on-demand services……this is no longer only available in high income countries……such comforts are available around the world

As a close friend once told me – technology is the ideal tool of democracy……which means technology allows more people from more social levels to be a part of a value-centered ecosystem

And believe me nothing is more valuable than your time

On-Demand services are in all parts of your life such as food delivery, information, transport, finances and slowly gaining popularity is on-demand healthcare services.

There are many mobile apps that can provide you the immediate access to counselling, consultation, recommendations and so on

The future of modern healthcare is in digital


I have to mention that still something is missing

True some of the innovation in mobile health is amazing

Absolutely revolutionary…..

But still the true impact or traction hasn’t been reached……either here in Dhaka and elsewhere

Innovation is not everything. Not all innovation is successful or to be frank…….needed…..

Everyone has ideas. Everyone has some cool way to solve such an important puzzle like healthcare

But not everyone can sell

Because not everyone wants to buy what they are offering

There are ways to see a doctor using video
You can send personal private medical files quickly
You can organise your daily medication
You can track your heartbeat

But why isn’t on-demand healthcare
getting the same success like other services?

We like quick travel.
Quick food
Quick money

Why aren’t people happy with the on-demand health that is available?

  • Because health is not always in technology
  • Healthcare is not just in a screen
  • Health is a human need
  • And humans need humans to care for them

I believe a truly valuable and impactful healthcare innovation has to put the patients need at the center of their design……instead of creating something and then looking for someone to use….that’s working backwards

There has to be a way to bring patient care back into the center of on-demand health the way even doctors can be a part of it.

There is a long way to go for a mind-change or a culture change

But some things are essential the way they are such as the way a doctor cares for you……in person…..

Technology can be a helping hand……but in the end the hand of the doctor should be there to comfort the patient.

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Ismail Sayeed

Dr. Ismail Sayeed Physician. Entrepreneur. Author. Startup Founder. Mentor. MBBS MMed MSc | Global Health entrepreneur | Amazon Author | Founder of VIOS, A medical app for Doctors, made by Doctors
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