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Is Social Media the best tool you can have during a crisis?

Interview with Jean-Manuel Maret

I’m Manu, a 28-year-old webmarketing freelancer located in Namur, Belgium. Beside that, I’m a huge fan of heavy-metal music and Liverpool FC! Sometimes fully focussed, sometimes relaxed, but my mind is always full of ideas.

Could you introduce yourself so that we know more about you?

I’m Manu, a 28-year-old freelancer in webmarketing located in Namur, Belgium. I help small businesses setting up and managing their digital transition. I’m a die hard fan of everything related to digital and marketing and this passion leads me to give all my best for my customers. My success starts with theirs! 

How to define the ideal customer profile?

To define the ideal customer profile you must take the following information into account:

  • The reason(s) your customers chose your company and how important your products/services are for them
  • The income each one of them generates, but also if they recommend you (additionnal potential income)
  • Make a list of your best customers and analyze what they have in common: income, long-term/short-term collaboration, type of business, potential future income, type of distribution of their products and so on. Compare as much information as possible.

Once all of this is done, you will be able to determine the ICP – Ideal Customer Profile.

Is Social Media the best tool you can have during a crisis?

Social Media mixed with creativity (and sometimes humor) is the best way to deal with crisis. You must stay in contact with your customers but also prospects, as you have to prepare your return into business (as soon as it is possible, of course…). Having this purpose in mind, social media is the best way to increase awareness. Talk to people and identify prospects to turn them into customers (during crisis you also have to evaluate the opportunity of turning your business into online business, which apparently was a good choice for many during the covid-19 crisis).

How to write an engaging and attention-capturing “About me” page?

When a prospect reads your “about me” page, when he reaches the end of the page, you must have his/her attention. If the reader liked you, if he/she is convinced you are reliable, you have his/her attention and trust. That way, the reader becomes a subscriber/customer. That’s why you have to speak freely about yourself in an original manner. 

If I had to give a formula for an attention capturing “about me” page it would be:

  • A catchy headline
  • HD pictures of yourself and/or your team
  • Talk about your personnal and professionnal background. Give some key figures.
  • Make it look like a firendly conversation in a bar.
  • Give the oportunity to stay in touch (a “follow me in LinkedIn” button, for example)

How to use Facebook messenger bots effectively and engagingly to get more leads and conversations?

People feel more comfortable with a conversation via Messenger than receiving another email among the dozens or hundreds you can receive in a day. Moreover, you’re getting into a closer relationship with prospects and customers. An effective way to use Messenger is using those briljant automated features like welcome messages for visitors/subscribers, giving some information about the company or sharing your latest promotions for example. Sponsored ads are also used in Messenger, as many people have a Messenger account without having a Facebook profile. 

What are the best social networks for small businesses?

Every social network has its potential, so it depends of your target. If you’re in a B2B business, LinkedIn will be your best (but not the only) tool!

If you are, for example, a clothing retail company targetting younger people, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok (example: all those “how I am dressed for….” Posts) are the more relevant networks. Combine different social networks if  your target use them. 

What types of content are appropriate for different social media channels?

Respect the law of creativity and quality! Your content has to attract and retain attention. HD pictures, key figures displayed in an original way, quotes, short videos. Combine many formats in all the social networks you use. Avoid long texts and complicated sentences, go straight to the point but don’t forget to tell a story. Before posting anything, please take the time to build a content strategy.

What advice would you give to our readers?

  • Go to events related with digital, webmarketing.
  • Stay in contact with the different professionnals you meet. You will learn from them and their experience.
  • Never stop learning! It doesn’t matter if you have 2, 5, 20 or 30 years of experience… Keep learning, stay informed. Evolution in the digital universe goes very fast and you HAVE to adapt to those changes or you will be left behind.
  • Don’t let anyone tell your your projects/dreams can’t come true! You are the architect of your existence, so it’s in your hands.

“They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it” – Mark Twain

“I never loose. I either win or learn” – Nelson Mandela

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