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Rafael Terra - Writer, Consultant and Speaker

Mr. Terra, could you tell us more about yourself and your professional background?

RAFAEL TERRA is one of the greatest connoisseurs of trends in the universe of business on social networks in Brazil.

With 15 years in the Digital Market, he has already performed consulting and project management for 500+ major national brands, including Bradesco, Braskem, Unimed, Redbull, Intelbras, STIHL, Sicredi, Santander Cultural among others.

Just released the book Instagram Marketing, with a preface by Martha Gabriel. And it’s already on the bestseller lists in the Amazon Digital Marketing category in Brazil!

He is confirmed as a speaker at the main marketing and innovation events in the country, with more than 350 lectures in 18 States.

Including 2x on stage at the RD Summit, the biggest Marketing and Sales event in Latin America.

He has worked as an MBA professor of Digital Marketing and Social Networks at the main educational institutions in Brazil, including USP, ESPM and PUC.

Between online and on-site courses, it has already had more than 50,000 thousand satisfied students.

Do you think the brand’s digital visibility is important nowadays and why?

I have no doubt that it is the most important thing today. After all, the possibilities, the business and money has always gone where people’s ATTENTION is. And today, people’s ATTENTION is on digital, mainly on social networks. And in a mobile way. Today every brandyou have the possibility to use this power: that of digital presence. But win the game thosewhich are present in the digital in a RELEVANT and CONSISTENT way.

Why do you think is the brand’s authenticity so important?

Because it’s about creating DIFFERENTIAL in people’s minds and hearts.

Digital drives the possibilities, but also the competition. In other words: the

The only way to win is by delivering a great product and service, having an assertive digital presence, but above all: having an authentic voice among consumers. In fact, great leaders are authentic, just look at the story.

Your brand should be too!

How to connect brands to world culture?

Participating in world debates with relevant content. I.e:How can your brand voice contribute to what is already being discussed? Also having a position about what is said in a cohesive way. I.e:your company has to be the mirror of what is said.

Do you consider developing communities as one of the most important aspects of marketing in the digital age?

Certainly. I usually say that “people love to sharewhat they didn’t have the courage to say.” In other words: your brand shouldbe the voice of your community. And in doing so, you will be the leader in your market, because peoplelike to follow brands with values ​​similar to theirs. And, above all, brave brands!

In your opinion, how did 2021 change the different aspects of digital marketing (platform decisions or creative content for example)?

With the growth of Tik Tok worldwide, the great type of content emerging todayis short, fun messages, based on current issues and videos.This is what is working and will continue. In other words: the brands needed to adaptspeeches in this sense to remain relevant. And, mainly, understandthat VIDEO today is a universal language on the web.


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