World Digital WeeksInternational Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference

Ahmed Mostafa

Speaker at International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference

Founder of Eagles firm , Egypt

Ahmed is an entrepreneur in cyber security & forensic field and founder of the Eagles Firm, an Egyptian foundation working in the field of cyber security and digital forensic investigation since 2013 and has more than 15 partners from more than 6 countries.

Ahmed has extensive experience in the cyber security field and cyber investigation. He has participated in many operations in securing and investigating issues related to cyber security and cyber criminal investigation.

Ahmed has cooperate with many institutions, companies and law enforcement in many countries such as India, Taiwan, Poland & Egypt.

Session: Cyber Attacks in Pandmic Time

In this session i will talk about Cuber attacks in pandemic time and why it has been increased ,sources of this attacks ,big data leakage

Learning outcomes:

  • Cyber attacks will never end
  • Cyber attakcs numbers in Pandmic times
  • Types of top attacks
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