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Diana Pearl McNutt

Speaker at International Conference on Digital Decisions in Cultural and Scientific Heritage

Founder and Technician at Huntress Imaging, UK

After a rigorous process, Diana Pearl McNutt’sstart-up was accepted and granted an Entrepreneurship
Visa from the Henley Business School. Huntress Imaging will continue her research and advocate for
the rights of digital heritage. From museum stores to on-site digs she founded her company to provide
equal access to everyone. With a background in working in museums, academia and archaeology,
Diana has on the ground knowledge of how heritage operates with all it quirks and structures. After
completing a degree in Fine Art Photography in her beloved San Francisco Bay Area, Diana became
obssesed with the digital world and how it can be used in heritage. Diana found her way to England to
study museum studies and arcahaeolgy and decided to stay. Her passion for creating best practices for
digital heritage, especially 3D modelling, was born from sheer frustration. During her research into
cost-effective workflows and applications of 3D in archaeology she often ran into voids where best
practice standards should exist forcing her to develop her own systems for her projects. While Diana
was writing her award-winning dissertation, Documentation and Curation of 3D Visualization Projects
in Heritage, she fell down many rabbit holes, in dealing with the academic side of 3D. Its lack of
recognition and understanding of its place in heritage was startling.

Session: Diving into the Practical- 3D Best Practices in Heritage

3D heritage has never been more important. This lockdown has shown how museums, archaeology
and research can continue in a digital world when the physical is no longer accessible. However
practical structures, good housekeeping and universal standards need to be discussed for 3D to
become a truly universal part of how we interact with heritage. Sadly, they are severely lacking even
during this digital heritage boom and need to be addressed urgently.

Learning outcomes:

  • Participants will delve into what exactly is the practical side of 3D projects
  • This presentation will allow participants to explore where the gaps exist in standard practice in museums, academia and the larger heritage field
  • While not as attractive as the model itself, practical solutions are greatly needed both in institutions and commercial settings to create sustainable growth.
  • In this session participants will explore a fundamental right of digital heritage. That is that it should be practiced by all, that no one should feel intimidated or left out. Systems need to adhere and develop around that digital heritage is a right.

Additional information and programme of International Conference on Digital Decisions in Cultural and Scientific Heritage – here

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