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Nyambura Githaiga

Speaker at International eCommerce & Omnichannel Transformation Conference

Customer Success Professional,Kenya

I am a Customer Success professional with 4 years’ experience in sales, account management, customer experience, and operations. I have worked in tech start-ups and am very passionate about technology, how it has made our lives easier and efficient. Kenya is one of the most promising markets for Ecommerce in Africa. I have worked in classifieds; loyalty and rewards, real estate and on-demand services and each of these platforms have a great wealth of data and unique user behaviour that helped understand the behaviour of Kenyans when it comes to online purchases

Session:Evolution of Customer success and relationship management in tech start-ups in Kenya

This will explain how the field came up, and evolved and grew. Initially most organisations merged customer success with other departments and it was not clearly defined and the importance was not recognized and how mobile money gives Kenya a huge advantage.

Learning outcomes:

  • How relationship management was practised
  • The drawbacks to the practices being used
  • How customer success emerged and is now highly sought after and has helped tech companies grow and reduce churn rates
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