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Can you tell me a little bit more about yourself – your background and your company’s goals?

I’m Shauny, 24 years old and living in Antwerp, Belgium. Without my high school diploma, I landed in the marketing and social media world 5 years ago and I now help any kind of businesses with their socials and advertising with my company SC Strategies. You can hire me as a freelancer for your company or let me take care of your whole social media and marketing management.

When do you think is the best time for businesses to diversify their social media platforms and perhaps test out a new channel? When to decide to give up a channel?

I would never just give up on a channel if your business is already on that platform. Even though another platform is more interesting at this moment, you never know what value the other platforms can still give your business. It’s important to divide your content over all channels you’re on. The best time for a business to try a new social media channels is when a channel is still new. It’s never too late to join a new channel, but better to hop on early and profit of the fragile algorithm of that new channel. You get the chance to grow your account early on and hopefully be big once other accounts start joining.

Which platforms would you recommend for small businesses and creators with an opportunity to grow their channels & fan base fast? Would these recommendations work as well for big businesses / corporate?

TikTok, definitely TikTok. This algorithm is still pure but so good. Without any followers, your video can still go viral. Getting followers on that platform is also easy and when you link your Instagram account in your bio on TikTok you’ll also gain Instagram followers easily. It has turned out to be a great platform for both creators as small businesses and I’ve read many cases of small businesses going viral overnight. Whatever content you want to bring on the platform, you’ll surely grow on it eventually. I’ve also seen many big and well known corporates being active on TikTok and it’s definitely working for them too.

Next to TikTok I’m still a super big fan of Instagram. The algorithm is not great but it’s still very important to be active on the platform. Instagram is now also pushing IG reels which means you can basically recycle your TikTok videos as Instagram Reels. I’ve noticed most TikTok trends are also trending on Instagram Reels so you’ll make a good chance.

Which platforms would you say have the best potential at this moment for advertising? How about organic marketing?

For advertising my top 3 is definitely Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. Instagram and Facebook will stay very important if you want to retarget your audience but TikTok advertising is still beta in most countries but very promising. It’s worth trying out J Video content is going to be the future anyways, so better start working on video content inside your company.

For organic marketing I have to say Instagram, TikTok, Facebook but also Pinterest. These 4 platforms should be the base if you want to bring your business on social media. All 4 have a different audience that is interested in your business. This gives you the best chances in reaching your targeted audience/ buyer persona.

How do you see the future of social media marketing?

As mentioned earlier, I see video content as the new future. All social media platforms will be updated for video content and pushing video content for sure. Video content also shows a non-edited version of a person. And this is exactly what the new generation is aiming for.
Therefore social media marketing should focus more on video content, it also scores better in social advertising on all platforms. So video and authentic content are for me the future of social media marketing. For both creators as businesses.

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