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Aviv Frenkel

Speaker at Smart Industry & Digital Factory Technology Conference

Co-Founder, CEO at Enroute, Israel

More than 20 years of experience in Israeli national media, Aviv is now the Co-Founder, CEO of Enroute an award-winning tech startup in the smart mobility industry.

Enroute has developed a personalized, location-based commerce and loyalty plug-in for mobility companies. Enroute’s solution is embedded in ride-hailing and mass transit mobility apps for companies such as Uber, Lyft, Deutsche Bahn, and others. The service allows passengers to earn rides for FREE as they shop, interact, click, and collect items from locations close to their destination. Enroute’s smart algorithms create a unique experience for passengers based on the ride details and the user profile. Enroute’s location-based commerce layer allows passengers to shop online and collect the orders from shops next to their destination or along the route. This capability is supported by unique data-driven algorithms that tap into inventory systems in real-time.

Aviv started his career at the Israeli army IDF radio station, where many of Israel’s top journalists and media personalities kicked off their careers. Aviv is best known as Channel 10 News’ senior tech and automotive correspondent and anchor, where he presented the shows “Ha-Zinor” digital life news magazine, “the Gadget-Team” tech show and especially his car show “Layla Galgali” which was aired for six years.

Two of Aviv’s documentary films were also broadcasted on Israeli national TV. During his career, he got interviewed to countless publications, CNN and TIME Magazine to name a few.

Aviv is a popular guest in international events, leading panels and giving keynotes in events and shows across the globe.

Aviv holds a BA and MA in East Asian Studies and Chinese. Thanks to his knowledge in Chinese he has served as the TV correspondent to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Session: Mobility in the post COVID era

Mobility in the post COVID era

With dramatic decline in ridership and revenues, mobility companies all over the world need to find ways to survive the pandemic. What are the challenges? How can they think out of the box? And how can innovative startups help them in that quest.

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