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Konstantinos Lamaj

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

Managing Director of kovald Digital Marketing Strategies, Greece

Started with a Digital Systems bachelor in University of Piraeus in Athens, and after having ended my Economic Management masters in 2011, I spent years working in the business field. I used to work in business development departments in companies like ESET and Icap Group, having learned about understanding customers’ needs and how to communicate with them to build a healthy relationship between a company and a customer to maximize sales. After that experience, I moved to the high-promising field of digital marketing. It caught my interest, and I desired to get more from it. I founded kovald, the digital marketing agency I’ve been leading for more than 5 years now. The first year of the agency I was also working as a part time marketing instructor to an educational institution in Athens. Today kovald is a digital agency that seeks to change the way of doing E-Business in Marketing and Consulting. The agency delivers innovative ideas transformed into informed strategies, which help brands to start up or achieve faster and more productive and profitable results.

Session: My secret weapon in Business Development


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