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Margo Kashuba

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

CMO of OWOX, Ukraine

As I started my career path with Trade Marketing and then switched to Digital, I have experience working both with offline and online marketing strategies and tools.

I have global experience (North America, Europe, CIS, Asia) in developing a marketing strategy, team building, management and training of employees, organizing remote team, and doing PR and I gladly share my experience for the benefit of the marketing community.

Over the past 8 years, I’ve been closely following technologies. I believe that they will take away routine work so marketers can perform more complex tasks.

Currently, I am Chief Marketing Officer of OWOX BI, a leader among marketing analytics software according to G2Crowd. We developed a great product that helps our clients grow faster due to high-quality insights on growth areas and risks based on market trends and company data.

Session 1: My secret weapon in working with different teams and clients. How to see the whole picture of the market and to use it for your marketing strategy.

Session 2: My secret weapon in advanced analytics. How to use all the user behavioural data, ad services and CRM data to increase ROMI.


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