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Pooja Gurung

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

Communications Specialist at Grow, Nepal

Slaying the writing and editing industry since I was a kid! Helping businesses make their marketing more human with writing. City dweller who loves to eat, travel, take photos and partake in new adventures. I have experience working in industries ranging from NGOs to publication houses and private companies. I have found that nothing excites me more than connecting with new people, solving problems and contributing to the overall growth of a business.

I started my journey in social media 2015. I worked as a content strategist for a sunglass brand in Nepal. Since I am passionate about development work I worked as a Volunteer and Team Leader for VSO and Raleigh International. As mentioned above, I love writing especially being able to write stories about people and the city. Hence, I changed my career direction for a while and worked as an editorial manager for Nepal’s most loved magazine, ECS Nepal and Living. I not only worked as a writer, but was also responsible for concept shoots and maintaining various brands. Currently, I volunteer in an India based NGO – ARISE Impact as a Lead Content Designer and work as a Communications Specialist for a US based NGO, Grow. I am responsible for content creation, design and maintain the organization’s website and all social media platforms.

Session: Social Media Management


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