EUDWVideo and Social Media Marketing Conference

Gints Gailis

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference.

Growth hacker at Klint Marketing, Denmark

I have been dynamically involved with the startup scene for the past five years, with me creating and failing in startups and being part of some more successful ones in the Danish startup ecosystem. As a retired Instagram influencer over the past years, my expertise has formed around Social media, Content marketing, and SEO. My passion always has been in creating content that is visually appealing and relatable to audiences.

I am currently a Growth manager in a digital marketing agency based in Copenhagen Denmark, where on a daily basis, we help startups to take the next step and really scale their business.

Session: Why Short form – relatable video content always wins – and how to make it.

Why we need Relatable short form video content.

The goal of the presentation is to look into the shift of how we are consuming social media content and how brands should adjust their content production to match the demand.

I will touch upon different formats, platforms, techniques that are trending and explain why it is so, including the ways how we as a business can be part of it and even capitalize on it.

I will include examples from personal cases and famous brands adapting strategies and fireworks I discuss.

Besides the industry insights, participants will get inspiration and real measures on how and why to create relatable short-form video content for their social media channels.

Learning outcomes:

  • Improve their social media engagement by 20%
  • How to make relatable content in scale
  • Framework of content recycling

Additional information and Video & Social Media Marketing International Conference programme – here

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