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An administrative building in Dubai, the largest 3D printed structure in the world

3D printers have ceased to be the technology of the future to become everyday tools that can solve human problems which, just a short time ago, were complex and expensive to resolve. Such as prosthetics for people with some form of disability and the design of organs for transplants. Soon we will see its full potential in the construction of houses.

In recent years, a number of initiatives have been carried out to create housing with 3D technology offering considerable savings in terms of money, materials, human resources and time. However, from a habitability point of view, these experiments left a lot to be desired, since the possibilities of 3D printing barely enabled reduced living spaces to be created and with limited designs.

All of this changed when, last December, the US company Apis Cor built an office building in Dubai in just two weeks for the city council, the design of which has no structural limitations. Its appearance is not too different from rectangular-type conventional buildings either.

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