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How to repair a cracked cell phone screen?

We’ve all been there – one wrong move and your phone flies to the ground. As your phone drops, you stop breathing for a second and hope there is no serious damage. Unfortunately, sometimes the worst-case scenario happens and your entire screen is covered with cracks. What can you do to fix it? In this article we will give you some useful screen repair ideas that you can try at home.

Assess the damage

First things first, you need to know what kind of damage you have to deal with. So, before you put your phone back in your pocket or bag, look at the screen. What do you see?

In the best case, slight scratches may appear on the display. From an aesthetic point of view, these little scratches are unpleasant because they spoil the smooth look of your device. However, they will not prevent you from using your phone as before. If this is the only damage, consider yourself lucky. There is no need to replace the screen, but to be sure that the next time you drop your phone again there will be no serious consequences, we advise you to add a glass protector. They are cheap and do a good job!

In worse cases, after dropping your phone, large spider web cracks may appear on the screen, individual pieces of glass or the entire screen may fall. Then you definitely need to think about how to deal with the damage because you risk your phone to become unusable. In these situations, we advise you to immediately back up all the photos, videos and other important files on your phone to be in a safe place if your device cannot be repaired.

How to repair a cracked cell phone screen?

Before you give up and just buy a new phone, try to fix the screen. Here are some screen repair hacks you can try:

An easy and affordable way to save the day is by using packing tape. The good news is you can order it online for a few dollars. Carefully, place a layer of the packing tape on the screen. It will hold the pieces of glass in place and prevent the situation from getting worse or from cutting your fingers.  However, it should be noted that this is only a temporary solution that will help you use your old phone until it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Another option is to buy and install a glass protector. The installation isn’t very hard, you just need to follow the instructions. This is a very similar solution as packing tape and again it can save your phone only temporarily.

The third way to help you deal with the problem completely is to replace the screen yourself. To do this, you are required to find and purchase a suitable screen for your phone. You will also need special tools to disconnect all the cables and screws. For the more popular phone models of Samsung, iPhone and other brands, you can find kits with everything you need to replace the screen, which are available online. You need to be very precise, otherwise you can damage the phone even more seriously.

If you are not convinced that you can handle it yourself, then look for a professional who offers a screen repair service. If you are looking for a screen replacement in Edmonton, Cellular Toy Shoppe is the right place for you. We offer cellphone repairs of iPhone, Samsung and other Android devices. Trust us to give new life to your phone!



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