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Olaf Ransome

Speaker at International Conference on Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies

Director of 3C Advisory LLC, Switzerland

The Bankers’ Plumber. I help banks and FinTechs master their processing; optimising control, capacity and cost.

Business Architect; For a new business, I work to identify the target operating model and design the business architecture to shape the product; understanding where pro-cesses can be optimised, and the customer experience enhanced. If it exists and is not working, I analyse it, design optimised processes and guide the work to get to optimal.

I am an expert-generalist in FS matters. In the last 30 years, I have worked in Investment and Private Banking, helping banks change their infrastructure; dealing with a changing world or simply putting in robust systems, processes and people to support new business or expand business.

I understand the front-to-back impact of what banks do. That allows me to ask the right questions, understand the whole-bank picture and to then build the best processes for my clients; ones that deliver on the three key dimensions of Operations: control, capacity and cost.

Session: DLT and tokenized markets

DLT and tokenized markets; how can financial services make the most of the opportunity?

From all the media coverage, it would not be contentious to say that there is huge potential in applying DLT. Why haven’t we realised it, will we ever realise any of it? These are all questions worth examining.

Blockchain is not the only possible tech solution that could bring advances to our industry. For sure there are other ways to solve the challenges that people are suggesting it be used for.

My view of things is based on putting the hype and discussion aside; the advent of Blockchain has done one very good thing for Financial Services. We have taken a long, hard at what might be possible. Based on that, here is a view on the potential and how to achieve it.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding internal vs. external efficiencies
  • The promise of Blockchain in wholesale markets
  • What are the key components for tokenised markets in wholesale banking
  • The importance of on-chain payment

Additional information and International Crypto Finance & Blockchain Technologies Conference programme – here

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