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Moses Onitilo

Speaker at Fintech & Digital Banking Innovation Conference

Founder and CTO of Jamborow Ltd , United Kingdom

Moses Onitilo is a 28 yrs. IT veteran with a background in ITSM, ITIL, Digital Transformation, AI, Blockchain, Encryption, Security, Process transformation, IT Strategy, Governance, Enterprise Management and Emerging technologies. Fintech Entrepreneur creating emerging Technologies to solve problems facing the grassroots of Sub-Saharan Africa. He is currently Founder / CTO Jamborow LTD – (Africa’s first intelligent B2B AI and Blockchain Financial Inclusion FinTech platform) and Deep Learning Science LTD – (A Digital Transformation and Software Development outsourcing firm). Also, former Founder and Managing partner at Principle Technologies, LLC, an 20 yrs. Digital Transformation and ITSM consulting company in USA, with Fortune 500 and European clients.

Session:Beyond Financial Inclusion in Africa

Beyond financial inclusion in Africa, describes how do you use technology as an enabler to create a credit footprint for the 400m unbanked people in the grassroots of Africa to be included in the formal sector and have access to financial services product afforded to developed countries. This will help alleviate poverty and access to credit to the underserved and underpriviledge in Africa hence growing the grassroots economy via various Savvings groups, cooperatives, Ajos, Esusu and Susu across the continent.

Learning outcomes:

  • Digitizing KYC data of the grassroots as an enabler to financial and economic inclusion
  • Creating credit system scores to build a credit footprint for the grassroots of African
  • Financial literacy as an enabler to access financial services products
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