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Vladimir Ristevski

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Piksel LTD, North Macedonia

Vladimir Ristevski is a Co-founder and Marketing Director at Piksel LTD, Skopje, as well as a fiction author, mentor, trainer, and speaker at numerous events, training, workshops, conferences, and academies in the field of digital marketing and advertising, content creation and writing.

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing working as a Creative and Account Director on campaigns for some of the biggest local and international brands that operate in Macedonia, such as Phillip Morris, Bimilk, Cineplexx, Tikves, University of Ljubljana, School of Economics and Business, Digital Finance, Samsonite, Roche, InPlayer, Monin and many more, he has a strong knowledge and expertise in consulting, analytics, marketing, and sales strategy, brand awareness, and business analysis that make him an all-round player and an expert that can jump in and help at any stage of the marketing process.

As a speaker and trainer, Vladimir’s activities are especially focused on social media marketing and advertising, Google Ads and Analytics, SEO, content creation, UX, and data analysis. With a rich background in marketing, sales, interpretation, and translation in numerous industries and fields, working with both the profit and non-profit sector, he can give a perspective from both sides of the fence, both client-side and user side.

Vladimir is the leading trainer at the Academy for Digital Marketing for Institute Koncept and an active speaker at workshops and training at the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce, CEED HUB, CEED Peer-to-peer Entrepreneur Groups and was a keynote speaker and moderator at several conferences on digital marketing such as the conference held by the European Business Association titled Digital for Entrepreneurship.

Session: “How to make your marketing strategy stand out amid the COVID-19 noise” – The topic will revolve around creating the ideal marketing strategy to get ahead of all the noise on social media by combining techniques of creating a marketing plan and real-time marketing to properly reach your audience.


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