Anand Tamboli

Speaker at Digital HRM Forum. The Future of HR & Talent Management

Award-winning Author • Innovator • Futurist • Global Speaker

Session: Humanizing Work – Step into the Human Age

Over the past years, work focus has moved from process and efficiency (industrial age) to technology and disruption (digital age) to purpose, meaning and belonging (human age).

Although organizations start to embrace ideas such as servant leadership, empathy, diversity and work-life balance, many are still far behind in their attempts to humanize work. The world has changed and so has our workforce. The focus now is on how to make work more fit for our people and our people more capable to prosper in continuously changing environments.

Step into the human age, where we’ll be talking about servant leadership, empathy, resilience, remote work, culture, education, new skills, curiosity, creativity, new work structures and how technology can help us serve new needs.

The future belongs to those with a different kind of mindset and different skills than ever before. This keynote will expose you to a provocative and crucial new way of thinking about a future that’s already here.

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