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Cho Dorine Orlena Seka

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

Business Develope Officer at V-Zen Steel, Cote D’Ivoire

With an extensive background in Marketing, I’m an expert in Communication, Customer
relationship and Digital Marketing. This work led me to my current role at V-Zen Steel where am
responsible for the business development and the digital marketing.

Session: My secret weapon in Digital Marketing

Fundament of SEO

This session is about SEO, search engine optimization. We will talk about why company should use
it and how to use it then will show mistake that happen when company use SEO. At the end of this
session we must clearly understand the utility of SEO and its benefit for the company

Learning outcomes:

  • In this session, participants will learn about Inbound and Outbound marketing.
  • Likewise, here the participant will also learn the importance of being online and how
    to use SEO.
  • In this session learners will have the knowledge of avoiding mistake when using SEO.

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