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Ruxandra Maria

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

Marketing Manager at Ruxandra Maria, Romania

I am a passionate and ambitious marketeer who is guided by the motto ‘Never stop learning and experiencing’. This is why I have developed my career touching on various areas of marketing, going from product development, activating high impact media campaigns and bringing brands back in sustainable growth. In 2018 I moved from 5 years in FMGC to the IT sector and I am currently working as Marketing Manager at an IT company in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, a role that constantly challenges me into driving more results and creating more impact with the marketing activities, from lead generation to corporate communications, branding, internal and external comms activities as well as support for business and HR functions.

I have always been driven by curiosity which enabled me to bring successful new products to market by using relevant insights. I am constantly looking for projects where I can activate my creative side of the brain by coming up with innovative solutions and looking at how things can be simplified in order to achieve results smoothly and effectively, either for larger companies or for startups.

Session: Brand/marketing manager in the FMCG vs IT sector, in B2C vs B2B.

I would like to present the experience of being a brand/marketing manager in the FMCG vs IT sector, in B2C vs B2B and the challenges of moving from a driving marketing function for well known brands to a support function in a support industry. I will introduce the challenges that I went through as well as the learnings and how I used my mixed and varied experience to grow as a professional and help the companies that I worked for achieve growth as well.

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