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Teddy Jones

Speaker at The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

eCommerce Extreme Specialist at Jungheinrich AG, Singapore

I am Teddy from Singapore. You can tap on my 14 years of web development, digital marketing and eCommerce management experience to grow your business. Here is my story:

My passion for online started when I was 19 years old. While I was studying for my robotics diploma at that time, I was also teaching myself how to develop a website. I started helping my dad’s small business to build and grow his online presence using my self-taught knowledge. This built my confidence and I eventually ran my own digital marketing company helping small and medium enterprises.

After 2 years of running the business, I was approached by a well-known supplement company. They needed someone with technical know-how to manage their eCommerce website and I was the right person. I decided to help them full-time as I believe the experience will help me. I’ve learnt the difficulties a medium enterprise faces, especially when a retail-centric culture has been cultivated for years.

The last company that I worked for was a big corporation. By now, after managing my own digital business, helping my dad with his small business and leading the eCommerce platform of a medium-sized company, I was very certain that I can help a big multinational corporation. I was so wrong. Every business is different, the way they use their strength is what makes them successful.

Session: How Small Businesses Can Win Big Brands On A Small Budget


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