Benjamin Kepner

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing Conference

CEO at Global Social Media Marketing

Benjamin Kepner, CEO of Global Social Media Marketing, has focused his career growth around growing businesses with Google Ads and YouTube Ads. As one of 5,000 Google for Education Certified Trainers globally, he travels to present training workshops for schools, technology conferences, EdTechTeam Summits, businesses, and teachers to transform teaching and learning with the 90 million students and teachers who use Google products. He also teaches Google Ads & Google Analytics classes at the Digital Workshop Center to adults for a higher education school providing technology careers, professional development, workshops, coworking, and vocational certificate programs. He is responsible for developing the 2021 Google Ads & Google Analytics course curriculum, conducting 1-1- consulting, and providing customized training solutions for students or businesses. In 2021 alone, he will personally manage over two million in Google Ads and YouTube Ads spent alone for his clients to grow their businesses worldwide with new customer and sales.

Session: How To Make Money With Brand Deals on YouTube

Many Small YouTube Channels can monetize their YouTube Videos by reaching out to brands that want brand deals to feature to their audience. In this session, Benjamin will breakdown the best practices for “How To Make Money With Brand Deals On YouTube” to help you scale your revenue to 6-Figures and beyond. Key Strategies for earning money on a YouTube Channel with Brand Deals includes building your influence in a specific niche topic and/or audience, building momentum, and reaching out to brands with a clear pitch. Benjamin will walk through pitches he has made to brands on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and email that outlines sharing the right data of audiences and demographics to create win-win relationships.

Additional information and programme of Video & Social Media Marketing Conference – here

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