Monique Idemudia

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing Conference

Founder & Small business marketing expert and consultant at Dragon Digital Marketing LLC

Monique Idemudia (moʊˈnik aɪdimudiɑ) is the founder of Dragon Digital Marketing, a digital marketing agency for small businesses based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is passionate about educating and inspiring small business owners to build an online presence and grow their business with the power of great digital marketing. She is an execution-driven consultant that not just talks the talk, but also walks the walk. She also enjoys being a public speaker and serving as an educator.

Session: How to make successful videos & give confident presentations

I’ll teach how to leverage videos for your digital marketing strategy, how to be confident on video and give successful presentations, and how to see the best results from your video content in general and on social media.

Additional information and programme of Video & Social Media Marketing Conference – here

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