Vivek Kakkar

Speaker at European Digital Innovation & Start Up Summit

Senior Director

My most recent leadership role has been as a Senior Director Engineering at Cisco systems Inc. I am an engineering leader with background in telecommunications and collaboration space. I have strategized and executed a number of important pivots for my company Cisco Systems Inc. This has enabled revenue growth and customer retention amidst uncertainty and changing end-user behaviors. I am an engineering leader who brings product leaders together in creating empowered teams with focus on outcomes rather than just outputs. An Innovative Technology leader  with 20+ years of  experience building industry leading products and solutions by bridging technology and business in order  to achieve high-performance outcomes. I have led and scaled global engineering teams while implementing a culture of Innovation that eventually led to revenue creation of $2B. I am always passionate about structuring and leading architectures, system design and international teams in delivering cloud native solutions comprising of the cloud native SaaS services, operations, mobile apps and client hardware. I have strong bias for action and I love to bring people together to create something new and exciting!

Session: How much do emotions matter in the workplace?

The emotions people bring to work are as important as their cognitive skills. How else do you have truly engaged and high-performance teams? In my own experience as a leader, I have seen that individuals exert greater effort at work when they have higher emotional connection to the vision, strategy and organization.

In this session, I will articulate my experience about relationship between intensity of emotions and performance at a workplace.

Additional information and programme of European Digital Innovation & Start Up Summit – here

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