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Kevin Roberts - Content Specialist of Worldplay

Mr. Roberts, in your opinion, what is the most challenging part of social media marketing? 

Writing original and captivating content that stands out from the vast competition in a way that not only captures the attention of our target users but also resonates with them in a powerful way. 

What was your first “win” that made you confident that you were doing the right thing as a content specialist? 

Growing Worldplay’s social media following and contributing to its increased recognition as a leader in video technology through blogs, web content, and news releases. 

How would you describe the successful social media marketing campaign (in terms of content)? How should we build it? 

One that is diverse with both compelling written and visually pleasing content, built to satisfy the browsing needs of a unique audience. 

In your opinion, which are the main opportunities for social media marketing (in terms of Covid-19 pandemic and digitization)? 

Video marketing has transitioned from luxury to necessity, becoming the standard for social media messaging. Communicating via video is now the new norm and social media marketers need to incorporate this medium into their strategy to survive. 

Do you have any predictions for the evolvement of content marketing in the next few years?

There is no doubt in my mind that the preference and prevalence of video marketing will only grow stronger and stronger. The only question is what the future of video marketing will look like. With Tik Tok’s unpredicted, yet immense impact on social media, I’m curious to see which direction video content will take and how creative content creators will get to innovate the digital space. 

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