Alisha Gupta

Speaker at Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference

Head of Marketing Communications and Outreach, Podcast Founder and Host at Humanity Rising

I am currently a student at UT Austin’s Business school, pursuing a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. I initiated and launched podcast series, What Cause Inspires You, alreadying interviewing 35 students from 15 U.S. states and 3 international countries to build awareness for their causes, reaching more than 100,000 students, parents, and experts alike on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music. The podcast is currently booked through May 2021, broadcasting the passionate voices of the next generation’s change makers. I also started Professional Perspectives, a sub-series that features interviews with CEO regarding their insight on social entrepreneurship. In addition to raising awareness, our scholarship division hosts challenges to provide monetary awards to students who are making an impact. My employment with Humanity Rising extends far past the “What Cause Inspires You” podcast I initiated this May. I am also the marketing and social media head for the organization, combining my expertise in business strategy and social justice. I recruited and currently lead a team of 20 college interns in marketing, analytics, interview operations, and outreach on 5 platforms. In addition to hosting podcast series, I am a keynote speaker for events such as Female Strong workshops for youth leaders to voice their passion and have been featured on India Currents, The Femina, 92.3 FM, and more. As a Youth Lead for Maitri, I had the privilege of speaking on Radio Zindagi. My goal as youth manager is to reach youth audiences and inform them on topics that are often prevalent but ignored in discussion and to do so I organize and market community sponsorships such as a recent teen convention and a Maitri Teen Mental Health panel. Inspired by the selfless story of a foster parent, I founded a non-profit “Needed but Forgotten” (NBF) to bring suitcases to foster children to improve their self-esteem and lives. I piloted by delivering thirty Samsonite suitcases to three foster agencies, catalyzing a lasting agreement for annual donations. I am currently scaling this effort to build a sustainable digital marketplace that connects surplus/outdated inventories with needy charitable organizations worldwide.

Session: Voice Your Passion: Social Entrepreneurship as a Female

Speaking through my experiences as a podcast host and non-profit founder, I hope to bring to the forefront the challenges presented as a female social entrepreneur, but also a guide as to how to convert a passion into sustainable progress. I work with youth leaders everyday in order to ensure change makers are given a voice, and hope to share why I feel it important to bolster youth change makers and how to do so.

Additional information and programme of Women Entrepreneurship & Digital Technologies. E-leadership Conference – here

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