Maggie Sun

Speaker at Digital HRM Conference. The Future of HR & Talent Management

Consulting Director and Coach

•1st Dual Credential Holder in China of SHRM-SCP( Senior Certified Professional by Society of Human Resources Management) and CPTD by ATD (global elite credentials in Talent Development)
•Very 1st batch of CITEF officially certified SHRM credential instructor in China, and facilitated tens of HR professionals to pass the tests。
•2 Year working as Consulting Director for management consulting services, larger than HR and TD functions.
•3 Years Part-time instructor for SHRM Credentials (SCP and CP) and 1 year full-time coach for HR professionals and career planning consultant for all walks of life
•Professor of Sino-German Manufacturing University and Expert of China Ex(Employee Experience) Institute
•Master of Applied Psychology oriented HR from Peking University
•10 Years in 3 Fortune 500 MNCs of Wal-Mart, Nokia and Avnet, plus Regional HRD for 5 years in SME and Acting Corporate HRD in Silicon Valley, leading a very diverse HR team
•10 Years Internal Consultant and Project Manager experience with global top HR consulting firms including Accenture, Korn Ferry, Mercer, Aon and DDI
•Leading numerous change management projects with full cycle and got high recognition, especially in M&A and demobilization. And obtained 96% accuracy in SHRM-SCP credential test Organization.
•Published several articles of talent management on core Asia HR magazines, and wrote a successful series “strategic management” articles.

Session: People Analytics During and After Pandemic

Systematically introduce people analytics and human capital, with detailed business case studies in big and small enterprises, and apply to several HR functional jobs (talent acquisition, talent engagement, performance management and critical thinking) covering 30+ metrics. Moreover, correlated to HR professionals action plans, especially during the pandemic and near future, PA will play more important role for the whole organization business success not only for HR department.

Additional information and programme of Digital HRM Conference. The Future of HR & Talent Management – here

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