Maria Daradoumi

Speaker at European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021

Sales Director Greece at Kelkoo Group

My career is highlighted by a series of advanced positions utilizing my ability to increase sales and support digital services, along with specific expertise in sectors such as customer support and user experience.
In my latest role, I serve as the
Country manager of Greece of Kelkoo Group. My role as a country manager of Greece is to oversee logistics, develop new business and ensure profitability. I am responsible for managing overall operations and creating budgets. In my previous role I served as the Senior Account Manager in the Sales/Support division of Skroutz. My focus has been on increasing sales and shops as well as improving user experience at the same time.
During my career, I have succeeded at achieving business objectives, providing strategic vision, and executing organizational goals year-over-year. At my previous company, ICAP, I was promoted to the Senior Account Manager position just in a 10-month period.
My achievements are attributed to my analytical capabilities, my enthusiasm for being a sales ambassador, my advanced degrees, and my ability to optimize ever-changing business needs. Recognized as an exceptional leader and motivated professional, I strive to continuously deliver results beyond expectations.

Track: e-Commerce & Omnichannel

Session: Optimise and diversify your e-commerce acquisition channels

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a change in consumers’ shopping behaviours with a particular increase in online purchases. For retailers, it therefore resulted in a growth of online sales opportunities. If having a structured and optimised lead generation strategy was already important, it now becomes paramount to raise brand awareness, secure market shares and of course boost online sales. In this presentation, you’ll first get a specific focus on Google’s Shopping Ads and learn some tips on how to optimise your performances on these key ad placements. You will also discover the other performing e-commerce acquisition channels to consider in order to grab the still rising online sales opportunities available and gain advantage over the competition. The presentation containing these precious insights will be delivered Maria Daradoumi, Sales Director of Kelkoo Group, the leading European e-commerce lead acquisition specialist.

Additional information and programme of European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021 – here

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