Michael Lake

Speaker at Smart City Digital Transformation & Innovation Forum

President & CEO – Leading Cities

Michael Lake is the President and CEO of Leading Cities, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Leading Cities’ mission is to drive global resiliency and sustainability through cities. Michael establishes and develops relationships with municipal governments, businesses, non-profit organizations and universities around the world, creating a global network dedicated to implementing Smart and Resilient City solutions. AcceliCITY, a signature program, has become among the largest smart and resilient city focused accelerators in the world—providing pilot projects, startup funding and curriculum to entrepreneurs globally. Leading Cities globally sources, expert-vets, and ultimately connects municipal leaders with the solutions, best practices, and expertise needed to develop Smart Communities. Michael’s career in public service spans from serving three United States Presidents as Special Assistant for White House Operations and Presidential Advance to serving the former Prime Minister of Ireland as a policy research analyst.

Session: Sustainability & Resiliency Through Smart Cities

This session will begin with understanding the impact and potential the world’s cities have in combatting climate change and achieving more sustainable and resilient communities. We will then look at some of the emerging technologies and solutions selected from around the world to help address the 21st century challenges facing our cities.

Additional information and programme of Smart City Digital Transformation & Innovation Forum – here

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