Novnish Ramesh

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing Conference

Content and Campaign Marketing Manager at Egis

I’m a Content Marketer & Strategist from France. I have 10 years experience in Marketing and have worked across several industries with small startups to huge multinationals.

My passion is helping online students, entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands build, grow, generate leads, and build meaningful connections through content marketing & strategy.

Through a transparent view, my audience gets to see me in action. I share with my audience everything that I’ve gone through, testing, experimenting, making many mistakes, and experiencing incredible wins so that I can teach in detail what truly works.

Through a mix of step-by-step strategies, simple formulas, guides, lists, case studies, processes and methods layered with dedication and direct feedback. I am my students’ biggest motivator and most trustworthy coach.

Session: The power of content marketing to grow your business organically in the B2B landscape

The 95 million photos uploaded to Instagram today are content. The 500 hours’ worth of videos uploaded to YouTube in the last 60 seconds are all content.
The internet is built with content and always has been. It also means everyone has content, and everyone creates it all the time.
In this competitive B2B marketing landscape, businesses make substantial investments in building content marketing programs.
As one of the most effective methods of growing audience engagement, developing your brand presence, and driving sales, content marketing is a mission-critical growth method for most businesses.
Let’s review content marketing — the benefits of producing consistent, high-quality content, and how to measure success.

Additional information and programme of Video & Social Media Marketing Conference – here

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