Paraskevi Sfyroera

Speaker at European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021

Digital Account Manager at Forthright – Digital Advertising Agency

Paraskevi Sfyroera studied Theology in Athens. However, she always had a thing about communication, promotion and advertising. That’s why in May 2018 she acquired her master degree in Services Management with a minor in Marketing (Public Relations, Communication, Advertisement). During her master, she took an internship in the Hellenic Parliament as a Business Management Intern.
She is a highly motivated, passionate, methodical and ambitious person. She has organizational, communicational and interpersonal skills and is confident in using Social Media, Google Analytics, Facebook/Instagram Ads and Google Ads.
In June 2018 she began Coding Classes and took an internship in a Consulting, Integration & Support company.
Since September 2018 she’s been working in a Digital Advertising Agency as part of the Digital Marketing Team. Withing 2 years of hard work and passion for what she was doing, she took the role of the leader for almost 10 people while being a source of supportive power for them. As Head of Digital Marketing, her role is to train and develop her team, build and execute social media and ads strategies and build strong relationships with clients. Her experience in the volunteering organization Ethelon (ex Glovo) in various events, gave her the experience of communication and client-orientation (focus on helping customers meet their goals). She loves learning new things and enriching her knowledge. Finally, she is hoping to accomplish even more things in the future.

Track: Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Session: How Social Media is changing the Healthcare Industry

Social media and Healthcare are a powerful combination. Healthcare Industry is changing everyday and patients are becoming a part of it. Until now, doctors and hospitals didn’t believe that social media could help them promote their services and reach new audiences. In time, not only they were proved wrong, but the benefits seem to be even more for both the patients and the doctors.
What are the benefits of using social media?
What can be the risks?

Additional information and programme of European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021 – here

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