Roman Gavuliak

Speaker at European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021

Senior Data Scientist at Adverity

Roman holds a PhD in applied statistics. He currently works as a Senior Data Scientist at Adverity, working on proactive analytics of Marketing Data. Roman has previously worked for Operam, a company automating online advertising for Hollywood studios working with companies such as Sony or Fox Studios, but also e-commerce companies such as Sweetgreen through Operam’s Panoramic Product. Before that, Roman worked at Piano, providing actionable data-driven insights and building data products for over 1200 clients including sites such as CNBC or Newsweek Roman is also the organizer of Banalytics meetup focused on analytical community in Slovakia and has been actively engaged in organizing the local edition of MeasureCamp unconference (Digital Analytics conference).

Track: Cyber Security & Artificial Intelligence

Session: Take Your Marketing Benchmarks to the Next Level

Your CPM and ROI values make no sense without a context without contrasting it to a meaningful value. This value might be from last week or it might be a goal or a benchmark. You might be using platform provided benchmarks, or hold the most important contexts in your head. The former doesn’t allow for more complex exploration, while the latter doesn’t scale. The solution is a dynamic benchmarking approach.

Take your Benchmarks to the next level! I’ve successfully built several benchmarking solutions for both marketing and non-marketing data. I will walk you through some of the most interesting challenges and questions you’d encounter when making dynamic benchmarking work for marketing (or any) data for you or your clients.

Additional information and programme of European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021 – here

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