Vitalii Ruban

Speaker at International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference

Technical Lead

Vitalii Ruban, the technical leader at one of the European software development companies, web-security enthusiast, a member of the Program Committee of the JSFest – one of the biggest Eastern European conferences for JavaScript developers.

Session: DevSecOps – the modern way to protect your customers

It’s not a big secret that last pandemic year many companies were literally thrown into the digital world. However, digital is not only about the possibility to reach million number audience in one click – but it’s also about secure applications and sites, safe storing customer data, and much more.

Security breaches may lead not only to reputation loss (just remember the latest leaks from Facebook, ClubHouse, etc.) but even to stealing company data or intellectual property like it was with CD Project Red.

DevSecOps is a modern methodology to minimize the risk of security breaches of your application and still to have a short time to market. At this session, we will speak about the idea beneath the DevSecOps, how it can protect your applications and what do you need to start with DevSecOps approach

Additional information and programme of International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference – here

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