Afifa Abbas

Speaker at International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference

Cybersecurity and Compliance Chartered Engineer at Banglalink Digital Communications Limited

I lead cybersecurity operations in my organization along with implementing latest defense technologies like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Data Leakage Prevention (DLP), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) etc. I am responsible for cybersecurity awareness, incident management and conducting vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to protect our company from external cyber-attacks. I do blue teaming which includes performing an analysis of information systems to ensure security, identify security flaws, verify the effectiveness of each security measure, and to make certain all security measures will continue to be effective after implementation.
I am one of the recipients of CISCO global cybersecurity scholarship and completed my certifications on CISCO security fundamentals and CISCO security operations. I have worked as a program committee member for APNIC49, APNIC50, APNIC51, sdnog4 and bdnog12 conferences. I spoke in security sessions of APNIC42 (FIRST TC) in Srilanka and APNIC45 in Nepal. I am a recipient of multiple fellowships from APNIC, IETF, ICANN and AprIGF where I got to attend network security workshops and conferences. In AprIGF I facilitated a workshop on Cybersecurity Incident Role Play. I have multiple professional certifications like CCNA, RHCSA, RHCE, CEHv9, ECSA, CCNA (Security FND and Operations). I have contributed multiple APNIC blogs advocating Women in ICT and have moderated Women in ICT session at APNIC50. In 2017, I received an “Honorable Mention under “Aspiring Women Leader” category by Bangladesh Brand Forum.

Session: Are we making a hacker’s life easy?

In this talk I will be focusing on common cybersecurity mistakes, traps and myths we have around which gives a hacker an easy access to any network. To progress towards anything we have to start with fixing the basics. Especially in cybersecurity we often ignore the basics which can lead us to huge cyber incident in near future. I will build up the speech starting with technical configurations mistakes done by system administrators and how the misconfigurations can be easily exploited by hackers. After that I will shed some light on common cybersecurity traps people fall for which can cause malware infection or leakage of any personal information. Moving forward, I will discuss about the most important aspect of cybersecurity which is some false beliefs or myths common people are having. It turned out that these misconceptions within the industry work as a huge driving force towards any incident. I will elaborate each of the three points associating my experience and some real life instances. At the end of the speech I will stress on cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility and the significance of building a cybersecurity culture within an organization. Also, there will be some key take a ways for the audiences so that they can get benefited after this session regarding cybersecurity.

Additional information and programme of International Cybersecurity & Digital Services Protection Conference – here

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