Natalia Skornicka

Speaker at International Conference on Digital Decisions in Cultural & Scientific Heritage

Color 3D scanning Specialist in Science and Research applications at SMARTTECH3D scanners

I am an experienced archaeologist, now working with 3d scanning technology in the SMARTTECH3D company. In 2016 I graduated from Jagiellonian University in Poland and since then I work in the profession. As I have concluded my archeological career with satisfaction I have decided to move to a field where I could use my archeological background in other ways and expand my skillset and took the challenge at the SMARTTECH3D. The company is developing 3D scanners specially designed for archaeology and museology, allowing to obtain detailed shapes with real color reproduction which is extremely important to me as a professional. High-resolution precise 3D scanning opens new possibilities in conservation and archaeological documentation. As an Color 3D scanning Specialist in Science and Research applications, I intend to use my expertise in the field to bring to the forefront all the advantages of innovation and technology.

Session: 3D scanner- new device in the field of archaeology

Precise archaeological documentation is crucial for any research, but making it with traditional methods is very time-consuming and can be unloaded on many mistakes incidents to manual measurements. Nowadays not only creating documents is important, but also digitalization and archivization in a way easily accessible to other scientists became the point of interest. The solution for those needs can be the latest high-resolution 3D scanning technology, which offers precise data completed in a much shorter time than by traditional methods. The possibilities of sharing those data and the spectrum of using them to further research are also comprehensive. The presentation will contain all those issues, based on the example. The time needed to complete the database of the sepulchlar pottery from Tablada de Lurin, Lima, Peru, and research possibilities it contains, will be compared to one of the humans remains from Brzesc Kujawski, Poland, collected with 3D SMARTTECH technology use.

Additional information and programme of International Conference on Digital Decisions in Cultural & Scientific Heritage – here

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