Owen Cappellini

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing Conference

Company: OwenCapp

My name is Owen Cappellini, and I have a passion for storytelling. I am an award winning filmmaker who has a focus on creating engaging marketing videos that are designed for the internet. I graduated from Bowling Green State University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Technology. While in school I worked with PBS, ESPN, and Teddy Baldassarre, which we were able to grow by 155,000 subscribers in 18 months. This amounted to 24.7 million views, and 1.9 million watch hours.

Upon graduating, I started my own video production business. Whether it’s product videos, social media ads, or branding videos, my goal is to use these high-level skills to elevate brands to the next level.

Session: Creating and Optimizing Videos for the Internet

Over the last couple of years, video consumption has drastically increased. Nearly every social media platform favors posts with native video, and companies are beginning to understand the power of this medium. However, not all videos are created alike, and many creators are making videos that are fundamentally flawed. This leads to brands not meeting their objectives, and campaigns failing. However, in this talk we are going to break down what makes a video successful, and what you can do to unlock the full power of video marketing.

Additional information and programme of Video & Social Media Marketing Conference – here

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