Paul Wealls

Speaker at European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021

Founder IoT North

A strategic business leader and evangelist of the “value” gained from technology adoption, in particular IoT, an innovator and community builder. Hugely experience IoT with the links to Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Machine vision, and digital transformation. An evangelist of IoT growing his passion project IoT North community, giving businesses and NORTH in IoT, growing to over 5000+ members in 3 years, creating an innovative IoT North Solution Use Case Marketplace and open forum for the community to not only network, but collaborate, and to promote their services to win grow together. Paul has over 20 years Sales Leadership experience, 8 years Product Management leadership, a NED, Scale Up advisor, and consultant to Corporate.

Track: Influencer & Affiliate Marketing

Session: Why do does technology for get to really talk about value

A short talk on how technology companies forget the core principles of marketing, “the value”. How can a technology community creae a movement of change?

Additional information and programme of European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021 – here

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