Robert Cheek

Speaker at International Conference on Robotics Automation & Artificial intelligence System

Emerging Technologies Analyst at Hyundai Motor Securities

Robert (Robb the Robot Guy) Cheek is the robotics analyst for Hyundai Motor Securities, the investment-banking arm of the Hyundai Motor Group. In his role at Hyundai, Mr. Cheek identifies, analyzes, and recommends robotics companies and related technologies for investment or partnership by internal and external clients. In addition to his role with Hyundai, Mr. Cheek serves as an advisor to several robotics companies in the US, South Korea, and Germany. Prior to joining Hyundai, Mr. Cheek served as the director of business development for Yujin Robot’s Innovation Lab where he spearheaded the GoCart project, one of the world’s first AMRs (autonomous mobile robots). The success of the technologies created at the Innovation Lab resulted in a EUR50mn investment by the German consumer electronics company Miele. Mr. Cheek has also served in several key roles for Sapinda Group’s investments in technology startups including Fyber, a digital media company that trades on the DAX where he worked on the IPO, and Azubu, an eSports broadcaster and content developer where he organized the first League of Legends Champions live eSports event held in Seoul in 2012. Mr. Cheek has won numerous awards for his work in the robotics industry, including the Best Robot/Drone of CES 2017 by Engadget, 2017’s Best Drone by Robotics Business Review, Top Tech for CES 2018, Best Drone for Racing by Digital Trends CES 2018, Best Commercial Drone CES 2019, Best of CES 2019, and others. Mr. Cheek has published a number of research papers about robotics for investors, as well as articles for various media outlets, including a project with TED regular Derek Sivers. He has made frequent appearances at media events in the US, Asia, the MENA region, and Europe. In addition, he has co-authored several pieces on startups and is currently writing a book about robotization and education. Mr. Cheek holds an MBA from the Helsinki School of Economics, and a BA from the University of Florida. In addition, Mr. Cheek attended Cambridge University and holds several licenses and certifications, including a Project Management Certificate from Stanford University.

Session: Abstract: Investing in robotics and AI for massive ROE

While ‘ROE’ for most investors translates to ‘return on equity’, in this presentation I will offer an alternative definition for investors and businesses which, although loosely correlated, frequently proves more important when investing in, developing new robotics technologies or businesses.

The Robotization of Everything is now in its nascent stage and is following a similar trajectory to the Computerization of Everything and the Internet of Everything in terms of how investors, businesses, and society at large views robotics.

Because of the vast opportunities for investors, businesses, and society to realize tremendous gains from the evolution of robotics, Robotization of Everything’ is our definition of ROE and is the one with which we use to analyze and gauge the potential of robotics technologies and businesses. Doing so provides us with the ability to either define a category or position an organization or portfolio to ‘zag’ while everyone else is ‘zigging’.

When investing in or designing business applications for robots, creativity and imagination are crucial, and often more so than simply chasing quick returns. Investors in robotics need to consider not only where the technology is, but the potential for the technology to realistically evolve into entirely new opportunities.

We examine cases where investors and companies chased only near-term gains in robotics and failed to generate meaningful returns. We will then show where they have profited from looking beyond near-term returns to position themselves and capture the benefits from ROE. More crucially, we will examine robotics companies positioning themselves to benefit from ROE by using their technologies to zag and lead.

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