Dr. Aswin Chandrakantan

Speaker at International Digital Healthtech. Healthcare & Pharmacy Conference

Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President at Komodo Health

Aswin Chandrakantan, MD, is Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Corporate Development.

Prior to Komodo Health, he was a senior leader in Google’s Global Operations and Strategy, which was responsible for the implementation and support for Google’s 240+ ad products sustaining $110B annually in revenue. He also brings in-depth healthcare and analytics experience from his role as an engagement manager McKinsey where he was a founding member of McKinsey’s Healthcare analytics service line supporting leading biopharma companies, payer reform in over a dozen states, revenue cycle management at top IDNs. He also led strategic initiatives for polio eradication strategies for Nigeria.

Aswin earned his MD from the UMDNJ (now Rutgers NJ Medical School) and a BS from The College of New Jersey.

Session: The Ripple Effects of COVID19

Deferral of care during COVID-19 has emerged as a growing concern for healthcare professionals and public health leaders. But what happens when that avoidance continues for months and people with serious conditions either don’t get diagnosed or don’t get the treatment they need? That’s the big issue confronting healthcare in the wake of COVID-19 and it’s one that we’re only just beginning to quantify.
To better understand the ripple effects of COVID on the US healthcare system, Komodo Health tapped into its database of real-world patient encounters with the healthcare system to track the ripple effects of COVID-19 on other aspects of healthcare. Across the board, the research found massive declines in preventive care, including a 90% decline in colonoscopies, an 87% decline in mammograms, a 79% decline in cervical cytology screening (Pap test), a 22% decline in biomarker testing for multiple myeloma and a 17% decline in monitoring for breast cancer recurrence. It also found massive declines in the number of required pediatric immunizations that have been administered this year versus last.
This presentation will examine the ripple effects of COVID-19 on deferral of care, focusing on impacts to breast cancer and colorectal cancer patients.

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