Mario Peshev

Speaker at Video & Social Media Marketing Conference and The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum

CEO at DevriX

Mario Peshev is the CEO of DevriX- one of the top 20 Wordpress agencies. He is a Business Advisor for SMEs. Over the past decade, Peshev has been building a distributed company serving large publishers, mid-sized enterprises, and growing startups across dozens of industries. He has consulted for enterprises such as VMware, SAP, CERN, Saudi Aramco and currently consults SMBs and high-scale WordPress-based businesses through his companies.
Featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Business 2 Community, Apple News, Smashing magazine. Guest contributor in several magazines.
He is Sun Certified Java Programmer for the Java 5.0 platform. He does regular trainings on Java, Database Systems or Software engineering process and management.
As a passionate entrepreneur and a supporter of professional development, he has invested thousands of hours in training and consulting activities, supporting businesses across Europe and North America in building healthy cultures, calmness of mind via recurring revenue opportunities, establishing trust through brand development, and automating tedious processes through technology.
Peshev is the author of 126 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur, blogger featured in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, veteran technologist, and a passionate business owner committed to building new opportunities through education.

Session 1: 10 Ways to Build Thought Leadership in LinkedIn

Thought leaders are the go-to experts in their fields primarily because they are informed opinion leaders.
Thought leaders are the trusted sources and game-changers who have a dedicated following and have scaled their ideas and success beyond their niches— even reaching an entire ecosystem—through their platforms.
What would trigger you to engage with someone on social media?
95% are on LinkedIn to:
1. Sell
2. Look for a job
3. Try to steal your attention
Note, however, that thought leaders are constantly targeted by media outlets for interviews, podcasts, TV appearances, radio shows—you name it—for the value they provide.
But can anyone become a thought leader? Let’s discuss this further!

Session 2: What’s my secret weapon?

Mario Peshev will share information about his intrinsic motivation- what was the reason he started, what does he want to innovate in and what difference it will make.

Additional information and programme of Video & Social Media Marketing Conference – here

Additional information and programme of The Digital Marketing Agency Directors’ Forum – here

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