Marko Höynälä

Speaker at International Digital Healthtech. Healthcare & Pharmacy Conference

CEO at Kipuwex Ltd

Marko Höynälä is Founder and CEO of Kipuwex Ltd. Well known innovator from Finland who has invented the three game-changing IoT products to the world: Skiiot, Cmicro and Kipuwex. Kipuwex medical device, innovated solution to tackle global health problems, is recognised among top medical innovations in the world 2020. The industries of his businesses vary from skiing equipment, microwave technology to healthcare and medical devices. Marko is also the winner of three innovation competitions and the owner of six different patents. He wants to make a difference in the world by solving problems and helping people.

Marko has worked over 20 years in telecommunication industry in various executive level positions at world leading high -tech companies and demonstrated on continuous basis, abilities to deliver and work effectively within large, complex and diverse multisite organizations. Marko is known as a person who drives initiatives and projects into a completion – Always.

Session: How Kipuwex Technology can help saving millions of lives

Kipuwex device for remote monitoring and pain assessment.

Additional information and programme of International Digital Healthtech. Healthcare & Pharmacy Conference – here

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