Matthew Emerick

Speaker at International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Artificial intelligence Systems

Founder  – Cross Trained Mind

Always thinking, always learning, Matthew Emerick is a lifelong learner who is passionate about every aspect of artificial intelligence, from cognitive science to machine learning. His interest in artificial intelligence started with reading science fiction as a child and only grew as he earned multiple degrees at university, from his minors in philosophy and psychology to majors in computer science and cognitive science, finishing (so far) with a graduate degree in computer science. He starts a Master’s program in artificial intelligence in the fall of 2021. He firmly believes that AI is the future of humanity and that we all need to better understand it, what it is capable of, and how it affects us. He supports AI literacy and education at all levels and always looks to fight the overly negative and positive hype. In his professional life, he is building an AI education website for anyone at any level to learn any aspect of artificial intelligence. It is a work in progress, but he is proud of his end goal to make the current AI revolution to be as painless and seamless as possible. When he’s not focused on AI, he enjoys spending time with his very young son and seeing him grow, traveling with his wife to explore the world, and completing escape rooms with family and friends.

Session: Yearn to Learn: Becoming an AI Professional

I’ve talked to a lot of people and many are confused by all of the resources available to get into the field of AI. What job description should they be working toward? What background do they need? If they’re just starting out, what majors and minors are the best ones? What kind of portfolio do they need to build?

I’m looking to open it up at a high level and discuss ways to think about starting out and how to break past tutorial hell. How do they impress employers? What is everyone looking for? What resources are out there? What should they concentrate on?

I have been reviewing resources on my website ( and posting videos on my YouTube channel ( and will continue to do so. This talk is a great opportunity to help a much wider audience.

The talk will cover:

  •  Majors and minors
  •  Graduate school
  •  Core skills – technical and non-technical
  •  Choosing resources
  •  Building a portfolio
  •  Presenting yourself

It will be a tour de force presentation with a lot of information, but making the slides available will make it easier for the viewer to go back and get more details afterward if they are interested.

Additional information and programme of International Conference on Robotics, Automation & Artificial intelligence Systems – here

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