Aleksandra Chojnacka

Speaker at European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021

Sr. Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at ShopStyle Collective

Aleks is an experienced leader at ShopStyle Collective, a leading influencer network. In her 7+ years at ShopStyle, she has focused on building partnerships with major retailers and brands, helping them find growth through ShopStyle’s offerings. Most recently, she has built the influencer marketing offering for brands, helping them navigate the influencer space, find meaningful content creators specific to their needs, grow new customers, traffic and sales. Prior to Shopstyle Collective, Aleks helped build lead generation at Yammer, later acquired by Microsoft, consulted for Accenture, and helped bring Tory Burch’s e-commerce site to life.

Track: e-Commerce & Omnichannel

Session: Influencer Marketing in 2021 – Trends and Predictions

2020 was the year the world went quiet, but with the proliferation of vaccines and a pandemic end in sight, people are ready to resume normal activities – and are predicted to do so with flair. After a year without travel, events or a reason to get dressed up, consumers have pent up wallets and are ready to spend in a predicted phenomenon called “revenge shopping.”

In this session, Aleks will uncover the trends and predictions that will shape influencer marketing in 2021 and drive this period of revenge shopping. From popular products and categories to emerging fashion fads to the latest social shopping trends, Aleks will cover everything brands need to know to position themselves for growth in the coming year.

Additional information and programme of European e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Week 2021 – here

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